Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hire A Luxury Vehicle To Impress

Part of the excitement of planning a special event or important celebration is the transportation, one aspect that can often be overlooked amidst all the other arrangements to be organized. However it would be a shame to not book a special vehicle for your big day, whether it’s a wedding or a sweet 16th birthday party for your daughter, as there are some major luxurious vehicles available.

Do some research and you’ll find that it’s possible to book a stretch limousine that can carry up to 14 people and is suitable to take you and your friends around for a day’s shopping. Or a vintage white Rolls Royce that will really impress the guests on a wedding day, or a lavish party bus for a group of 30 or more on a hen night with girlfriends.

The vehicles are all chauffeur driven so there’s no need to worry about drink-driving or getting directions to the location, the service you choose should do everything required, leaving you able to sit back and enjoy the event with friends and family.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the options available.

A classic Rolls Royce is extra special as it means you really arrive in style and are sure to get noticed! The chauffeur is all dressed up in a smart uniform with cap and will open the car door for you and guests making you feel so special on a day when everything should be special.
You can find white Lincolns in true vintage style or silver Rolls Royce Phantom’s and Ghosts are modern and elegant, pulling up to any event in a Rolls Royce is guaranteed to inspire awe and admiration from the onlookers. Cocooned within the leather interior is a truly magical moment full of romance and promise - you’ll never forget the feeling it invokes.

Some stretch luxury limousines can take up to 14 people comfortably, and in classic white or sophisticated silver are very memorable for weddings or anniversaries. A limousine service is often used by corporations too, hire one to chauffeur around a particularly important client or business partner for a meeting or have them met at the airport, or even hold a business meeting inside with constantly-changing scenery!

Party buses are designed exclusively to be spacious enough to accommodate a group and enable them to sit comfortably where they can chat and enjoy a drink or two. Some buses are complete with their own bar so guests don’t even have to get off if they prefer, and wooden dance floors with music systems and flashing disco lights on board.

DVD players and plasma screens all add to the experience and many limousine services will decorate the bus with balloons and streamers beforehand if you wish. These types of lavish vehicles are particularly popular with hen and stag parties, 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays, or just a boys or girls night out for fun, but can also be perfect for group trips to the theatre or a classical music evening.